Best Pet Stores in Manhattan

Manhattan is home to a wide range of people, with different lifestyles, schedules and interests. With those unique residents there comes an incredible variety of unusual pets and pet needs. Fortunately, Manhattan has its share of pet stores to meet the needs of Manhattan’s pet lovers. Here are four of the best pet stores in Manhattan.

Bird Cage

Bird Cage (Photo credit: Dedlam)

Petco, Union Square
Petco cannot be beat for its huge variety of pet food, treats and accessories. With over 10,000 items for sale in this large pet store, pet owners are likely to find whatever it is they are seeking. Petco offers unusual pets, like lobster, fancy rats and even puffer fish, for those discerning buyers seeking something off the beaten path when searching for a pet that suits their individual taste and preferences. Petco also offers grooming and pet adoption.

how much is that doggie in the window?

How much is that doggie in the window? (Photo credit: Craft0logy)

New York Dog Shop, 46 West 73rd St.
This dog clothing emporium carries designer clothing for dogs and cats, and an attractive line of soft totes. Even the stars of Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 come by to shop at The New York Dog Shop. This exclusive pet shop offers a great selection of soft harnesses and leashes, has a special section for ‘big and tall’ dogs, and was even named “Best Pet Boutique” by CBS for 2013.

Pets on Lex, 1109 Lexington Avenue, between East 77th St. and East 78th St.
Pets on Lex calls itself an upscale pet emporium, and it caters to its wealthy and celebrity clientele. This is where pet lovers can locate beautiful healthy purebred puppies like poodles and yorkies; many of the puppies even come with DNA test results to ensure that the buyer receives exactly what they were looking for. This store also specializes in adorable purebred kittens. With a 30-year reputation, Pets on Lex maintains an experienced staff with many years of experience within the industry. They make a science out of choosing the right pet for each buyer, based upon the client’s preferences and lifestyle.

Pets on Lex does not just specialize in providing excellent puppies and kittens, they also maintain a large variety of accessories, ranging in price from merely affordable to the downright extravagant. The store’s buyers visit pet industry shows where they seek out the latest available products in the areas of fashion, pet care, treats, leashes, toys and more.

Litter & Leashes, at 343 E. 66th St.
This tiny Mom & Pop type store is filled wall-to-wall with an incredible assortment of treats and toys for pets. Litter & Leashes maintains a surprisingly large selection of food, including the latest in gluten-free and grain-free offers for those pets suffering from food allergies. Offering the best in gourmet food and treats, this one-stop shop is a must-see for anyone looking for the optimal food products for their pets. Local pet owners love this location, as the owner often hands out treats to their dogs when they stop in during their daily walks. In addition, the friendly, helpful staff also makes this particular pet stop a treat for owners.

With its amazing neighborhoods, shopping districts and stores designed to appeal to the needs of the humans that reside within its boundaries, Manhattan is also able to provide an amazing variety of pet shops to meet the needs of all of its animal residents as well.


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