Famous World-Class NYC Hospitals

New York City may be the Big Apple, home to Broadway and the most populous city in the United States, but it also hosts several of the most innovative medical facilities around. Within the five boroughs of New York City is some of the best healthcare in the world.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

When it comes to cancer research and treatment, Sloan-Kettering is the top-ranked hospital internationally. Founded in 1884, Sloan has developed into a state-of-the-art facility that specializes in over 50 different forms of the disease. It offers a comprehensive approach to patient care that includes clinical trials, research labs, drug therapy, post-treatment management and cancer education. The reputation of Sloan-Kettering is so exceptional that people come from across the world for treatment.

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Postcard picture of Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell

New York Presbyterian is one of the more famous hospitals in the city. This university hospital trains the finest medical minds in the world. New York-Presbyterian offers services in pediatrics, cardiac care and most other medical specialties, as well. It has a comprehensive neo-natal intensive-care center and is just one of a hand full of facilities that has access to an extracorporeal membrane oxygenator, ECMO, for emergency neonatal care.

Mount Sinai Medical Center

The Mount Sinai Medical Center mission is to provide superior and compassionate medical care to anyone in need. This facility ranks high in a number of specialties, but has a reputation as a trauma center. Other specialties one finds at Mount Sinai include cancer treatment, cardiac care, neurosurgery, pediatrics and orthopedics. Mount Sinai is a primary facility for psychiatric services, as well.

Hospital for Special Surgery

The Hospital for Special Surgery’s call to fame is high-impact joint repair. The doctors there have worked on top Olympic athletes from all over. This facility staffs some of the world’s top knee surgeons – nine out of 22 of the presidents of the American Knee Society have held a position there, in fact. The Hospital for Special Surgery pioneered the use of pre-op MRI scans to improve surgical options for joint injuries. When it comes to reconstructive surgery including spine repair and hip replacements, this hospital is one of the best in the world.

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NYU Langone Medical Center

NYU Langone Medical Center

Founded in 1841, the NYU Langone Medical Center is one of the most promising of the graduate schools associated with New York University. This teaching hospital offers a number of fine services to patient but ranks high for ear, nose and throat; cardiac care; psychiatry; cancer treatment; digestive disorders and orthopedics. NYU Langone Medical Center is recognized internationally for pulmonology, rheumatology and urology, as well.

People from all over travel to New York City to see famous musicals, visit eclectic art galleries and shop on Fifth Avenue. As a power city, it influences economics, media, technology and education throughout the world. A lesser known fact is that many medical tourists come to New York to consult with atop ranked physicians or for surgery that they can’t get anywhere else. NYC is a key spot in the U.S. for those in need of medical care.

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