Features of Family Friendly Hotels

Traveling can be an exciting adventure and valuable bonding experience for the whole family. Families can be sure that both kids and adults are happy and comfortable by taking special considerations to create a family-friendly vacation. To accommodate families, hotels now compete with short-term apartment rentals and home shares, because the average hotel may cause significant discomfort with children. We understand that there is a middle ground as Marmara combines the family friendly aspects of hotels and short-term apartments, finding a happy middle ground especially suited for children. Before you take your family on vacation, this is what you need to know:

Personal Space

Children of any age are typically more active and mobile than their parental counterparts meaning that personal space and room space are critical for vacations of more than a few days. You would be surprised on how the mood of children can depend on the amount of room to play they have.

Also, check the bed policy at the hotel before booking. Especially in Europe, hotels often charge children over 2 for an extra bed – which is more like a cot. Though less expensive than booking a separate twin room, which has proper individual beds for two, booking an extra bed could mean bad sleep and agitated children.

Besides bedding, consider the actual area of the hotel room and whether it’s enough space for your entire family to move about comfortably throughout a normal day.  Choosing hotels that provide floor plans will prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Home-cooking on the Road

It’s inherently more expensive to eat at a restaurant for every meal so it’s important that family-friendly hotels include a kitchen or kitchenette. Feeding the troops with home-cooked meals is far more affordable and is usually more healthy, too. Some children are notoriously picky eaters and you never know when they will turn down restaurant food. A kitchen always gives you a back up plan.

You may also have member of your family with dietary restrictions, limiting your dining out options. Before booking it’s important to check exactly what the kitchen or kitchenette includes, like how many burners are available, whether there’s a microwave, and what kinds of settings and cookware are provided.


Vacation is a great time to do the things you wanted to do but couldn’t, and this goes for kids, too. Family-friendly hotels will provide guests with a variety of area activities. Perhaps activities will take advantage of the surrounding landscape for camping, skiing, or water sports. In more urban environments, family friendly hotels should be near monuments, museums, planetariums, parks and expansive views. Attractions are usually well-advertised by the concierge and media but smaller, more local sights are worth discovering. Try to manage your children’s energy level so that they can enjoy the activity, especially if it involves focus and walking.

A major advantage of the best family-friendly resorts are on-site activities specifically tailored to keep kids occupied and adults relaxed. Whether entire water parks are available on-site, mountains for hiking, or equipment for table tennis, inquire whether it’s included with the room fee. In NYC, or any one of a kind vacationing environment, the key is to have staff that know which way to point parents to keep their kids happy.


Family-friendly hotels and resorts are not necessarily kid-friendly, as children’s needs vary based on age and temperament. Mostly found in the United States, some family-friendly vacation resorts go out of their way to provide “kid-friendly suites.” These rooms are ready for children’s needs and interests. Also, some hotels are more adept than others at handling the concerns of parents, from getting last second supplies, food children will eat to emergency services.

The best family-friendly hotels will provide adequate space, in-room cooking, a variety of activities, and amenities specific to entertaining and satisfying kids.

Creative Commons Photos from Flickr