High End Shopping In New York

New York city is a mecca for shoppers. People come from all over the world to explore the city and visit all of the stores. It is one of the few places that offers a wide varieties of shops in a relatively close proximity. There are small boutiques and much larger complexes. The high end stores are found on Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, and Soho.

Fifth Avenue (Manhattan)

Fifth Avenue (Manhattan) (Photo credit: Nouhailler)

Fifth Avenue: The Core Of Manhattan Designer Retail

Fifth Avenue has been synonymous with high end stores. It spans Fifth Avenue from the high 40s to 57th Street and over. One of the most popular stores in the area is Tiffany and Company. Many women long to bring home or receive a little blue box with the famous white bow. There is also an enormous flagship store for Louis Vuitton. Newer occupants include Niketown and Banana Republic. Cartier, Chanel, Dior, and Versace are other designer names that fill the space. There are also large department stores including Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. Even though most people cannot afford offerings of these stores, it is always fun to window shop.

Madison Avenue, looking north from 40th Street

Madison Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Madison Avenue: Most Expensive Stores In The World

57th and 79th Streets on Madison Avenue houses some of the most decadent stores in the world. Luxury boutiques and designer names fill the strip of land. Barneys New York is one of the most famous anchor stores in this area. Celebrities are known to appear in many of these stores looking for one of a kind fashion. Each building is designed with fabulous architecture, especially Ralph Lauren’s building on 72nd Street. Besides clothing, there are other stores that offer different types of items. For example, Lalique on Madison Avenue sells fine French crystal.


Soho contains a bigger variety of shopping opportunities. It is located from West Broadway to Sixth Avenue, and Houston to Canal Street. There are common, affordable names like Old Navy and J. Crew along with high end brands like Prada. The best thing about this area is the surroundings. The streets are lined with cast iron and cobblestone. Contemporary designers have made Soho their home as well. The Pearl River Mart is a Chinese emporium that sells all kinds of goods. Galleries are sprinkled throughout the neighborhood as well. It is possible to find a great piece of art from an established artist or an up and coming Van Gogh.

The above areas are just a few high end places to shop In New York. Very few individuals have the money to go on a shopping spree in these areas, but browsing is always fun. Some of these locations boast great architecture and ambiance. When in the city, it is never boring to visit the high end shopping districts. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

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