5 Cool Places in NYC’s Central Park

Consisting 6% of Manhattan, Central Park, the favorite playground of New Yorkers, stretches 6 miles or 9.7 kilometers from 59th St. to 110th St., with Central Park West and 5th Avenue forming its western and eastern boundaries. Constructed on what were once quarries, pig farms, and swamp land, it took two decades and almost 10 million cartloads of sands and stones to build this emerald green sanctuary recognized as New York’s lovely “backyard.”

The Central Park now attracts 25 million locals and foreign visitors each year to enjoy boating on the lake, walking over the pretty bridges, and sitting on hills and meadow. Visitors love to watch the colorful array of cyclists, skaters, and joggers while Frisbees and kites fly swiftly. There are 52 fountains, more than 500,000 shrubs and trees, several sculptures and monuments, and over 9,000 seats and benches to rest on. Below are some of the beautiful places in NYC’s Central Park.

1. Central Park Zoo

Just a few yards from the Fifth Avenue, you’ll discover more than 130 various species ranging from scary Brazilian black tarantula to giant Polar Bears. A stroll around the Central Park Zoo will take you to a variety of surroundings, all carefully designed to reinvent the natural environs of the wildlife they house. The Central Zoo has three different areas, which offer the animals with homes and settings as close to their usual and natural habitats as probable. These include polar, tropic, and temperate zones. The Central Zoo is also involved in the protection of endangered species, giving a home for Wyoming toads, tamarin monkeys, red pandas, and thick-billed parrots.

With its regular and several educational programs provided, this zoo has something to offer for everyone. This would perhaps account for the almost one million guests and park-goers that visit yearly, making the famous Central Park Zoo one of the coolest places in NYC’s Central Park.

2. Bow Bridge

This bridge is one of the most filmed and photographed locations in Central Park. Stretching 60ft. over the lake, from Ramble to the Cherry Hill, Bow Bridge isn’t just one of the most lovely cast iron bridges or passages in the entire world but also provides some of the most magnificent and breathtaking sights of the park.

English: Wollman Rink in New York's Central Park

Wollman Rink in New York’s Central Park (Wikipedia)

3. Wollman Rink

This rink, which was constructed in 1949, has been visited by thousands of guests from the first day it was opened with more than 300,000 skaters slid across the ice rink in its initial year of operation. Ice skating in Wollman Rink is one of the most attractive activities on a winter’s night. Feel the New York’s cold winter air, listen to the beautiful music, and enjoy the magnificent surroundings as you slide over the ice.

4. The Imagine Mosaic

This area in the Strawberry Fields of Central Park is an internationally sponsored tribute to John Lennon, a famous Beatle member and a long time NYC resident. The Imagine Mosaic has turned out to be a gathering area for fans of John Lennon coming from different countries. This is the place where you can always find somebody playing a guitar to the melody of one of John Lennon’s many songs.

HCA statue in New York City's Central Park

HCA statue in New York City’s Central Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Conservatory Water

Whether you own a wind-powered sloop or a radio powered sailboat, sail boating at the Conservatory Water is a delight for the participants and observers. Adding to the entertainment and fun are the nearby sculptures of Hans Christian Andersen and Alice in Wonderland.

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