How to Travel With Pets

Pets play important roles in their owners’ lives, and the simple joy of companionship and total trust of a pet make it difficult to leave pets behind when traveling. Fortunately, pet-friendly travel has improved and become quite trendy, and airlines, cruise ships and pet friendly hotels make it easier to include beloved pets on trips. Online resources make it easy to find a pet friendly hotel choice in most major tourist destinations, and these responsive properties cater to the needs of pets and owners with great solicitude.

Never Can Say Goodbye: The Decision-Making Process

Leaving behind a pet makes travel a mixed blessing because the pet owner experiences separation guilt. Humanitarian considerations also come into play, especially when you do not have a trusted friend pet sitting for you.

Kennels that you are unfamiliar with can generate unknown dangers. You need to do thorough research. For some pets they may experience a psychological shock because they feel abandoned. So you have to be really careful in choosing a kennel that offers good, gentle care. You are not there to make sure your pet’s special needs often do not receive the proper attention. Hygeine in the kennel is also an issue. Exposure to other animals in enclosed environments often causes pets to contract communicable diseases.

Most people do not bring food when they leave their pets at kennels, and most boarding facilities discourage the practice because special diets make more work for the staff. Often however,  a pet’s digestive tract may be more sensitive than would appear.  As a kennel operates as a business, most boarding facilities choose the cheapest foods to buy in bulk. Special dietary instructions might get ignored, and many high-strung animals could become sick or hurt while boarding at kennels.

Perfect Traveling Companion: How Can You Prepare?

Pets enjoy traveling as much as their owners, though they often feel nervous at first. Fortunately, preparation can ease the journey by airplane, sea, train or car. Bringing along the family pet makes the trips more enjoyable for every family, and travelers can relax without worrying about their pets while vacationing. A little planning makes vacations more relaxing for everyone, and people can stay longer when they do not have to worry about family pets back at home.

Travel Plans for Fido and Tiger Lily: What Will Make it Comfortable

Savvy pet owners check with airlines and cruise lines for rules about pet travel long before their travel dates arrive. Health certificates and shots might be required, and owners would hate to discover nasty surprises at the boarding terminals. Airplane travel will most likely require a container for each pet. Include some comfort items such as favorite toys, blankets or familiar bedding to relax pets during the necessary confinement period.

The pet friendly hotel has become standard in most destinations, and many hotels offer an astonishing variety of concierge services to care for pets when owners cannot take them along to restaurants or certain attractions. Mobile phone apps help owners find convenient off-leash pet parks and walking trails wherever they travel.

Getting Your Pet Ready

Successful travel begins with fasting for pets at least six hours before departures, whether traveling by airplane, train, car or ship. Make sure pets have access to enough water to stay hydrated without causing full bladders. Some airlines offer pet-friendly travel, but if pets cannot stay in the main cabin, stay calm and avoid dramatic departure scenes, which scare the pets. Some pet owners prefer to administer tranquilizers, but these should be used as a last resort. Consult with your veterinarian beforehand as they will be able to give you expert advice

Pets are pretty important parts of our lives. In monetary terms, people spend over $50 billion annually on purchases for pets, and more than 63 percent of U.S. households have pets. More than 29 million Americans travel with their pets, letting travelers can enjoy their vacations with their entire families.

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