Light Show Atop the Empire State Building

English: The Empire State Building from the st...

English: The Empire State Building from the streets of New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Empire State Building.

The Empire State Building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When light shows first appeared on the Empire State Building, they were almost always a white shade. These white lights were interesting for a while, but they weren’t that appealing in the long run. The Empire State building itself, however, has always been a beacon to the citizens of New York, the United Stated, and the entire world. The iconic building would soon receive a makeover of epic proportions.

 History of Empire State Building

The beginnings of the Empire State Building were anything but humble. Constructed in 1931, the building remained the tallest in the United States until the completion of the World Trade Center North Tower in 1970. Today, the Empire State Building still remains one of the top five tallest buildings in the United States. It is considered a cultural icon in the Americas. The building will certainly be preserved as long as possible so that people in future generations can enjoy this amazing landmark. The city of New York will always proudly display this building to the rest of the world.

Upgrade of Lighting System

In 2012 the building got a huge makeover with its lighting system. The old days of the white lights were gone forever. The new LED lighting gave the building the ability to be morphed into different light shows for various occasions. The Macy’s Day Parade was one of the first events that featured a spectacular light show from the Empire State Building. Viewers noted colorful changes in the lights to show a festive atmosphere. This was a welcomed addition to the event that people weren’t really expecting. Since that time the building has featured many new and exciting light depictions.

Lighting Changes

Depending on the time of year and special events, you could see many different shows. Christmas lighting was a huge phenomenon this past year. This looks to become a new tradition. Speaking of new tradition, festive light shows during the New Year ceremonies look to enter the fold. The New York Skyline was always a sight to behold, but now it is even more amazing. The sight of the lights will mesmerize you to new levels that weren’t possible in previous times. You will have to take pictures to remind yourself and show your friends.

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